Back to school and back to reality

Ok, so apparently summer has come to an end. I was not ready for this! But here we are.

If you child is going of to JK - congratulations!

Mine is going to university this year, and far. like I can't even pop over for a visit far. I'm both proud and terrified. Just like you are.

Such an exciting and anxiety ridden time for all the same reasons. Can they do it? Of course they can! Will we wonder if they are making mistakes, making friends and able to feed themselves? You bet. At the end of the day, we will all be fine.

I'm not crying, you are crying. 

On that note I'm getting A LOT of questions about masks for small people. I would strongly recommend that you by the toddler size if you child is small. The measuments are in the description. This is especially important if the are going into JK, these masks are made to fit comfortably for longer wear and do not go around the ears. I designed these for my husband to wear at the office in the beginning of covid and they have been tested for glasses fogging, fit, comfort and wash and wear. Trust me, they work. You can write their name inside with a pen/sharpie, but if they lose them you aren't going to get them back - that's a bio hazard, so plan accordingly!

Here's to a great school year with as few bumps to the heart as possible!


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