Custom orders for sling bags now open

Custom orders for sling bags now open

The response for the sling bag has been overwhelming! In a good way. I love that people are so into the comfort and ease of use of it and they love the design so much! I am now taking requests for custom orders. 

if you are wondering what this bag is all about, here are some of the high point! 

The front pocket holds your keys and phone and a lot of other things that you need to reach easily,

The zipper pocket holds a iPad Pro in the case (a real one not the pretend ones they show on Amazon) and it’s padded in case it gets bumped.

The middle pocket has a magnetic snap to securely hold your wallet, water bottle and other things you want tucked away, but need easy access too without unzipping or digging.

The back pocket is a full pocket. Right to the top. You can carry your magic wand or a magazine, or art supplies, or sticks you kid picks up off the road, or travel documents safely zipped away and held in front of you, whatever you like! 

It’s a convenient, comfortable cross body, with a 50 inch adjustable, padded strap. It rides front, back or over the shoulder. It’s basically padded everywhere so it doesn’t dig into you no matter what is in it, or go long you wear it. 

I look forward to your ideas! 


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