Happy February!

Happy February!

Hi everyone, I know it's the end of January and most people are well past ringing in the new year, but here at PYH the new year starts the second week of Feb. Why? Lots of reasons, but her are a couple:

1) It takes us 6 months to prepare for Christmas. We start making things in July, but the research and buying starts sooner. I'm usually exhausted by the end of November and by December I'm running on fumes, so I take January to recharge and dream of spring. 

2) This year is a growth year, and there is a LOT to think about and plan for. So in my "downtime" while I'm recovering from Christmas (I'm old - so you know - tired for longer) I make a master plan and review the last year and set myself up for continued success. 

I am working on the spring line and there are lots of things that we are going to take from paper to reality. Looking at making a line of self help videos to help you truly make your wardrobe sustainable by showing you how to fix and update the things you own. My brain is swirling with ideas that I will get to work on soon.

Over the holidays I had a number of people knock on the door, clothing in hand, asking me to do alterations. Please, please do not knock on my door. That is not what I do. We are closed to the public, this is a work site, not a store. Drop ins are seriously disruptive. Please don't. This is an industrial worksite with heavy equipment and you are not permitted on site.

Come talk to me at the shows. I love that. I love people. I just can't have them showing up at work. 

On that note, Feb looks super busy and there will be new things unveiled March 1st! Stay tuned.


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