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Pretty Yellow House

Pencil case or cosmetic bag - DYI Colour it!

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Grab your fabric markers and make this beauty your own! Customize your pouch to reflect your personality and show it off everywhere you go! Aside from the obvious benefits of having an amazing bag, this one of a kind beauty can be a made - by you exclusive!

Who doesn’t need a beautiful and useful pouch? It stands up! Your stuff doesn’t roll out on the table, and fall on the floor (looking at you pencil cases) it holds everything you need, folds flat for shipping, and still manages to look good! Function and cute? Yes please! This pouch comes in themes that are for everyone! We love shoes and science and lots of other things too. We can be everything, so why not reflect that?

Made with cotton and lined with 100% natural, unbleached cotton, you can toss this in the washer and dryer! Measures 9.5 x 4 inches, big enough to hold everything in the beginner sewing kit! 

* Beginner sewing kit is not included

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