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Pretty Yellow House

Cross body sling bag - Canadian Maple Leaf Tartan

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This gorgeous, versatile bag is a huge hit! 

  • Canadian Maple Leaf tartan front and lining
  • Black body
  • Bronze hardware 

The devil is in the details, so this is what I have done to make this bag fabulous! 

  • 50 inch adjustable strap that literally extends to fit every body
  • Clips to both left side and right side - hello lefty’s we can have a bag that’s  right side out
  • Pockets with padding to help absorb shock and protect electronics 
  • Front pocket fits an iPad Pro WITH case -because don’t you hate it when you buy something that doesn’t fit your stuff?! 
  • Easy access to your things in the middle snapped pocket
  • Zipped padded pocket for important stuff
  • Pocket in the back for your magic wand, art supplies etc. It’s that long. I swear.
  • Washable
  • Hand stitched binding, for a luxury look
  • Premium zippers and pulls
  • “Oh my god you’re bag is awesome, where did you get it?” everywhere you go* 


*Not guaranteed but basically it’s amazing & people love it.