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Pretty Yellow House

Cross body sling bag - Blue Watercolour, Pink Watercolour or Green Watercolour

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SO many pockets!

Hoffman digital print, in his gorgeous reimagining of the NY Skyline in all the colours that only a true artist can see. These are limited editions. Each one is unique, linings will vary, but the outside will always be the same in the front, because the Empire State Building is an Art Deco master piece and deserves to be showcased by you!

The front pocket holds an ipad Pro, with the case on it, because don't you just hate it when the perfect thing you just bought doesn't hold your electronics with cases on them. UGH.  And every pocket is padded, so you'll never break them. We would love to be gentle with out things, but life happens. Things get dropped or buried under other things, that's why I have padded the pockets!

Adjustable to both left and right handed people (lefties unite!) so that your bag isn't backwards if you are left handed. Total bliss. 

This is truly the perfect bag. I even hand sew on the binding. 

The specifications

  • 100% cotton
  • Foam padded front pocket has quick-release clip for easy access
  • Zipper pocket 
  • Open middle pocket for quick access that closes with a strong magnet
  • Padded back pocket the entire length of the bag (for magic wands or books and pencils to write that master piece or sketch that picture while sitting in the park
  • Measures 18x9x3 inches
  • 50 inch padded adjustable strap
  • Hands-free cross body with a hook at the top to hang it up. 
  • Left and right side adjustable strap for my fellow left handed peeps

 Production time: Currently 2 weeks