Dreaming of Paris zippered pouch
Dreaming of Paris zippered pouch

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Dreaming of Paris zippered pouch

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You're there, coffee in hand, notebook out. You're going to start that journaling that everyone keeps telling you to do. 

Go for the pencil case, pull out your favourite pencil. We're ready to make some magic. Put the coffee cup down and that was the first mistake. 

The edge of the mug barely touched the pencil case and now there are pencils all over the floor, an eraser popped out and is somehow under the couch, pencil dust on the journal pages. 

You need a pouch that stands up.

That holds everything you need. Writing materials, makeup, random phone cords that always end up in some drawer or another. We have a theme for everyone.

Love shoes? Science? We can be everything, so why not reflect that?

Made with cotton and lined with 100% natural, unbleached cotton, you can toss this in the washer and dryer! Measures 9.5 x 4 inches, big enough to hold everything in the beginner sewing kit! 

* Beginner sewing kit is not included

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