Scrubbiez - #zerowaste
Scrubbiez - #zerowaste

Pretty Yellow House

Scrubbiez - #zerowaste

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A great addition to your eco conscious lifestyle. Truly zero waste, because they are cut in squares, these makeup removers do double duty!
We upcycled the prints from our scrap bin, keeping that fabric out of the landfill, and by using them, you save the environment from all those disposable makeup rounds.

We used terry cloth that we bought for another project that is competed, but there was off cuts left over. Pretty little things that help save the environment, wash in the washer and are reusable! 

Comes in a mixed pack of two sizes. 12 per package.

100% upcycled cotton backed pads with 100% new cotton terry cloth. 

This product was made exclusively by Erika for Pretty Yellow House, and I’m so proud I could burst!