Hi, I'm Colleen Havel, a passionate seamstress, stuffed animal maker, and button enthusiast based in Carleton Place, Ontario where I live in my Pretty Yellow House.

I have 37 years of sewing experience and was taught by a professional. I use professional techniques honed from years of experience to make the items in my shop and on my website. Established in 2018, Pretty Yellow house uses a lifetime of experience and knowledge. Unlike the self taught craters of today who did not have professional schools available to them, I had 5 years of apprenticeship training to start my career.

As a mom, a wife and a person who cares about quality, you will not find anything less in my shop.
This is not my side hustle - this is my business, and I take it very seriously. As an entrepreneur, running a small business, I appreciate your support. The out pouring of love and support from my local community and across the country has meant a lot to me, and keeps me going through all of the challenges of 2020 and beyond.
If you have requests of any nature please email me
I answer everything and as a designer I’m open to all suggestions!
Pretty Yellow House - Sewing Happiness

COVID 19 Announcement

As we are all very aware, there is an ongoing pandemic that is making us all take extra precautions these days. I can assure you that the goods coming from my shop are washed, dried and not exposed to the outside world. My shop is not open to the public at the moment, and I have thoroughly cleaned every surface and object that has come in contact with any other human being.


Non-Medical Cotton Masks
For the time being, I will not be taking custom orders, as I can not do fittings due to covid-19. I am making non medical grade cotton face masks. They are two layers of cotton, with a pocket for a filter. 
There are three choices:

Premium ComfortThe elastic goes behind your head instead of over your ears for comfort. Please see the shop page for sizing and fabric choices. Sizes: Toddler, Small, Medium, Large

Premium with earloops. Same style as the original but with loops behind the ears. Small, Medium, Large

Pleated masks. These are the surgical style. Kids, medium, large. 


Return Policy
Due to the personal nature of the item and the fact that it is used in the toolbox in the fight against COVID-19 along with handwashing and social distancing, we are unable to accept returns. This is not an n-95 mask.

Health Canada does not recommend the use of masks for any child 2 years old or younger. Our toddler masks are design without a pocket for a filter as it is not recommended young children use filters. When designing the masks colleen strictly adhered to all the health Canada guidelines. View federal guidelines here. 

We are all doing our very best to keep each other safe, and that is all we can do.
​Much love to you all. We can do this!

About Handmade Stuffed Animals,

We are all appalled about the never ending mountain of clothes that seem to be produced to throw away. In my own way, I am trying to reduce the amount of things that end up in a landfill or in bales in another country. I frequently buy the non-saleable items at various stores and upcycle them to make animal bodies. It's not cheaper, due to the labour involved in taking the clothing apart to make it into something else, but I enjoy the challenge. My animals are also made from bits of prom dress hems, clothes that are cast off by my friend's children, and lastly from the bits of fabric that my design girls use in the classes I teach. The heads are made of new felt, as it's not a material that readily recycles, and the wool is also purchased new, from a local shop.