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Camera Strap

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Camera Strap

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You've just spent a million dollars, probably not actually a million but who am I to speculate? on a fancy camera that comes with all the whats-its and do-da's and the most uncomfortable camera strap, you've ever put around your neck.

So you don't use the strap. Because it's uncomfortable and it digs in.

Who cares right? You don't need the strap. You're responsible with your camera.

Until you're walking around, watching your grandkids play, and you stumble and your camera flies right out of your hands and smashes onto the ground. 

The lens is cracked, the flash thing won't go down anymore.

Kinda wish you had that strap now? 

This strap is
  • Padded for all-day wear
  • flamingo pattern.
  • Fits SLR cameras
  • 57 x1.75 inches 
  • 3/8 webbing & sliders for full adjustability
  • matching colour sliders - assorted random colours

The camera is obviously not included.

I have to say it, on the off chance that someone (not you, you are smart) thinks they can get a camera AND a cool strap for thirty-five bucks? Sigh.